Each year thousands of work related accidents, incidents and fatalities are reported to the HSE. So ensuring that your working environment is a safe and healthy one for people to work in is important.

 But how can you do this if you don’t know much about how manage health and safety practically or don’t have a clue on all the different rules and regulations that have to be followed. If health and safety is not considered you are putting your people at risk and also your business.

 If you don’t have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience in house then one of the best ways to ensure you are complying with the necessary regulations is to employ a health and safety consultant, this does not have to be in house and often the best approach is to employ someone who is outside of your business as they will have an independent view.

But what will they do?

 The first thing any good health and safety consultant will do is spend time in your business, getting to know your processes, your buildings, your people and your structure. It is important that they get to know as much as possible about your business so that they can understand if there are any risks associated with your processes. Whether this is office work or out on a construction site, the risks are different in each environment so having a broad knowledge of all industries is important.

 They will provide advice and guidance on what you need to do as a business to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all the other regulations that sit underneath if, of which there are many!

 They can help you by writing the necessary documentation that you need such as health and safety policies, risk assessments and safe systems of work.

 The one thing that they can’t do is ensure that you and the people you work  with are following the guidance that they have given you. That is your responsibility, a consultant can provide you with all the advice and guidance in the world but unless you follow it it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

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