The Government has recently confirmed that changes to the Permitted Development Order will come into force on the 31st August 2020 which will allow householders to extend their existing properties upwards.  The regulations will allow householders to add up to two additional storeys to an existing two or three storey house, and one additional storey to a single storey house.

Naturally, as with anything Permitted Development related there are strings attached, and a variety of criteria will need to be met if you are to benefit from the new rights, including a requirement for a prior approval submission to be made to the Local Authority in advance of any works starting on site, where the Local Authority is allowed to consider the impact of the development on the following:

    • The amenity of any adjoining premises, including overlooking, privacy and loss of light.
    • The external appearance of the house, including the design and architectural features of the principal elevation of the house (and any side elevation that fronts a highway).
    • Air traffic and defence asset impacts.
    • Whether the development will impact on a protected view.

Hewitt & Carr Services offers an appraisal service to determine whether your proposal would meet the relevant criteria for an upward extension, and can also coordinate the prior approval submission on your behalf, including preparing a supporting statement to demonstrate compliance with the provisions of the legislation.  If you are interested in taking forward an upward extension then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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