The HSE have recently stressed that it is important that businesses have taken all necessary steps to ensure that they are COVID-secure before re-opening to the public or returning employees to the workplace.

They state that being COVID-secure means being adaptable to the current guidance and putting measures in place to control the risks of the spread of Coronavirus to protect workers and others.

The HSE are carrying out spot checks on a range of businesses to ensure that they are complying with the law and they are using a number of different ways to gather intelligence such as site visits, phone calls and the collection of visual evidence such as photos and video footage.

The number one step that all businesses must do is ensure that they carry out a suitable risk assessment to ensure that risks are identified, and reasonable steps are put in place to reduce any identified risks. Carrying out a risk assessment will allow you to take a good look at your working environment, processes and working practices. Ensure your risk assessment is documented so that you have evidence should you be called upon.

You should ensure that your risk assessment looks at safe working distances, cleaning regimes, working times, hand washing facilities & any work taking place outside the usual working environment to name a few.

It is important to ensure that your cleaning regimes are looked at and increased if necessary, especially those regular touch points such as door handles, washroom facilities and kitchen facilities.

You should also review working environments to ensure that a 2m social distance can be maintained and where this is not possible plans should be put in place to reduce the risk of transmission. This could be working side by side rather than face to face, installing screens or where possible allowing flexible working to reduce the number of people in the workplace.

We are continuing to work with our Clients to ensure that they have all the necessary advice and guidance to re-open for business safely during this time.

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